Refractive surgery

Would you like to live without glasses or contact lenses? Your dream can come true! Defective vision can be corrected painlessly on an outpatient basis by means of a surgical intervention on the eye itself.

Refractive surgery has developed rapidly over the past 20 years. LASER VISTA has been successfully using these treatment techniques for more than ten years and achieves results of a high international standard. We only offer those options from the wide range of corrective methods that have been assessed as efficient and safe by renowned eye specialists around the world.
All more recent procedures are regularly and intensively tested in terms of ophthalmology.

Laser and lens procedures

In refractive surgery, a basic distinction is made between two groups:

  • In laser procedures, the cornea’s power of refraction is modified surgically using laser technology.
  • Lens procedures correct the visual defect through the implantation of a lens in the eye.