Lens replacement

With this method the natural lens is removed from the eye and is replaced by an artificial lens with the required strength. So the eye’s defective vision can be balanced by the lens' adaptation of the power of refraction. As a consequence the eye’s ability to focus weakens generally resulting in a need for reading glasses. However there are different lens designs available which can also compensate age-induced long-sightedness or astigmatism. Detailed information on treatment options for age-induced long-sightedness can be found in our special brochure «Presbyopia».

Bioptic procedures

With very serious defective vision there is the option of a combination of lens implantation and laser procedures. This method is called Bioptics.

Why lens procedures?

  • Lens procedures offer accurate, safe and stable results.
  • It is possible to treat serious defective vision and this extends the treatment range of refractive correction eye surgery.
  • The lens implants used demonstrate superb biocompatibility with the inner eye. The lens materials have been tested over decades.
  • The use of phakic lenses is reversible if necessary.