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Laser infrastructure


Our laser infrastructure

IntraLase Femto-Laser

The IntraLase Femto-Laser has proven to be a very safe and accurate device for many years now and is available at our centers in most recent third generation. It destinguishes itself through its various additional application possibilities in corneal surgery (corneal transplants, ring implantation in keratoconus, arcuate keratotomy).


Keracor Excimer-Laser

The Keracor Excimer-Laser features a highly developed technology in the field of eye-tracking, which ensures the static as well as the dynamig control of finest eye movements. We look back on an experience of well above ten years with Bausch&Lomb-Technolas Laser and have the latest version of this device at our disposal, which ensures us accurate results in this period of time.



The MEL80Excimer Laser features special ablation profiles, which are exceedingly gentle on tissue and above all are very tissue-saving.


VisuMax Femto-Laser

With the VisuMax Femto-Laser extremely precise corneal flaps for the Femto-LASIK treatment are prepared. In doing so the laser is particularly gentle on the eye by using as little pressure as necessary and possible acting upon the eye. Thus we can ensure that you don’t get “red eyes” after the treatment and can achieve a cosmetically inconspicuous result.


Amaris Excimer-Laser

With the Amaris Excimer-Laser we have a highly developed laser of the newest generation, which can make the necessary correction within seconds with very high repetition rate and the fastest eye tracker system.